When you are a professional into the career of Public Relations, then you need to consider and ponder over a number of points and features related to your career and profession. You may come across a number of tipsy situations that you needs to handle situation effectively there your skills as a public relation professional are tested to the ground.

Crisis Situation

In the situation of crisis in your company you should always inform top management while making any decision. And never reach to head of your company with a problem and without at least with three solutions to the problem. In crisis situation, first of all you should plan first what you should say to the public, what to your employees and what to the press. As with company statement is sure you are in league with other companies dealing into same type of business being like yours.  According to situation deploy a dedicated spokesperson.

Contacting With Media

There are many does and doesn’t when you are contacting with any media and most essentially be organized before picking up the phone or sending an e-mail id.   For product branding, know prior who your target audience, plan ahead is and be creative when pitching up your project.  So make best use of every phone call and opportunity when you are connecting and raising brand awareness.

For product pitching with respect to contacting with media first decide about appropriateness of the product for the pr campaign. Pitch the appropriate section and editor. If it isn’t clear, ask who might be the best person to pitch. Editors have no patience when you pitch something that is not relevant to their section. Also go to non endemic press too.  Now for the pitch it should be as long as to 45 seconds. Develop interesting and unique catchy pitches, use creativeness in subject lines to get attention of an editor. Write short, to the point emails. Always review a live phone conversation in the end.

When you are sending out voice mail messages, remember never leave them too long and leave slowly, clear and to the point messages. Leave away in voice mail message your name, company, phone number and website.

Developing a PR Campaign

While preparing a simple product PR program, there are three important points that a PR professional should always keep in his mind before pitching the product into media.

  • Goal your audience:  Is it trade or consumer? For a single product, you are likely going to have a different message for retailers than you will for the end consumer.
  • Develop your Message:  Is it appropriate for your defined audience? Is it clear and concise? Does it encompass the unique selling points that your product has?
  • Create a set of Tactics:  What materials such as informational one-sheets, news releases or product photos will help you convey your product’s features? What deadlines must you meet to publicize your product in the proper time frame?