A master’s in communications degree can help you move up the copywriting ladder from low-paying part-time positions to work with a reputable magazine or Web site. And a copywriter’s position can be fluid — you can work from home, telecommute or work in an office with other creative people. The following job boards are filled with copywriting positions available now, including sites that focus solely on copywriters to larger job boards that list copywriting jobs.


A master’s degree in communication can help you to learn effective communication skills in many mediums and how to use them in practical applications. Additionally, if you have an interest such as the environment, politics, entrepreneurship or health, you can use your communications skills in any one of those markets. The following list of 33 unique and interesting career paths for a graduate with a master’s degree in communications can help you think outside the box when it comes to earning money after you earn that degree. (more…)

Our world runs on communication between people. Whether you are trying to make your life partner understand where you are coming from, or whether world leaders are negotiating a treaty, or whether a business is trying to clean up its image, communication is essential. There are a number of communication careers available these days. From Tv broadcasting to advertising to cultural understanding and consulting, communication professionals can be found in abundance.

It can help to have access to solid resources as you work in communications. Some of the best resources can be found at institutions of higher learning. No matter how long you have been a communications professional, you might find what you are looking for with dot-edu sites. Here are 50 great dot-edu resources for communications professionals:


When you want the latest news and information, you are no longer limited to what you can find on TV at the moment. You don’t even have to be at home in front of your computer, or in a Wi-Fi hotspot looking at your laptop. These days, it’s possible to find out what is happening right now. Whether you are interested in the latest business developments, or whether you want sports scores (or even to watch the game), it is possible on your smart phone.

Technology has made it possible to carry information with us wherever we go. You can stay connected and up to date, no matter where you are. Your Android smart phone is a great communications tool that allows you to reach out to others, as well as keep up with all of the latest developments. If you always want to know what’s happening, here are 40 top Android apps for newshounds: (more…)

One of the most popular ways to communicate right now is with Twitter. Communications professionals know how important social media is, and also know how important it is to have a way to communicate with others. Twitter has shown itself a useful communication tool, from providing marketing opportunities to helping people keep in touch. There are also a number of applications that can be used for a variety of purposes.

If you want a communications career, you should know how to use Twitter, and understand the uses of the various applications. If you are interested in learning about what different Twitter applications are available, and their quality, you can consult these 25 Twitter app ranking and review sites: (more…)

Any business owner or marketing executive knows that a business can be made or broken today by rumors, news and attacks made through social media. Social media monitoring tools can track online conversations taking place online through social media outlets such as Twitter or Friendfeed, but each monitoring tool is different. The following top 25 social monitoring tools are all different, and they may all be worth trying to see what fits your needs. (more…)

One of the most exciting fields today is that of communications. Technology has widened the scope of communications fields and made it possible for us to interact in new and interesting ways. No matter your communications career, you can use web tools to keep in touch and even complete work assignments. Here 25 web startups that are helping to revolutionize the way we communicate:


A communications course could range from information about journalism to instruction in visual and digital aspects of storytelling online. No matter if the communications is in reporting, advertising, public relations or marketing, the gamut of knowledge includes ethics, policies, information technology and even foreign languages. All these topics and more are covered in this list of 50 enlightening open courseware classes on communication. (more…)

Communications is an interesting and versatile field. There are a number of careers available in communications, from broadcast to public relations to advertising to public speaking. You can get a Masters in Communication from a number of good schools, or you can take a degree in communication and use it to get a law degree, MBA or some other specialized degree. If you are interested in learning more about communications, here are 50 great blogs that can help you on your way:


When you are a professional into the career of Public Relations, then you need to consider and ponder over a number of points and features related to your career and profession. You may come across a number of tipsy situations that you needs to handle situation effectively there your skills as a public relation professional are tested to the ground.

Crisis Situation

In the situation of crisis in your company you should always inform top management while making any decision. And never reach to head of your company with a problem and without at least with three solutions to the problem. In crisis situation, first of all you should plan first what you should say to the public, what to your employees and what to the press. As with company statement is sure you are in league with other companies dealing into same type of business being like yours.  According to situation deploy a dedicated spokesperson.

Contacting With Media

There are many does and doesn’t when you are contacting with any media and most essentially be organized before picking up the phone or sending an e-mail id.   For product branding, know prior who your target audience, plan ahead is and be creative when pitching up your project.  So make best use of every phone call and opportunity when you are connecting and raising brand awareness.

For product pitching with respect to contacting with media first decide about appropriateness of the product for the pr campaign. Pitch the appropriate section and editor. If it isn’t clear, ask who might be the best person to pitch. Editors have no patience when you pitch something that is not relevant to their section. Also go to non endemic press too.  Now for the pitch it should be as long as to 45 seconds. Develop interesting and unique catchy pitches, use creativeness in subject lines to get attention of an editor. Write short, to the point emails. Always review a live phone conversation in the end.

When you are sending out voice mail messages, remember never leave them too long and leave slowly, clear and to the point messages. Leave away in voice mail message your name, company, phone number and website.

Developing a PR Campaign

While preparing a simple product PR program, there are three important points that a PR professional should always keep in his mind before pitching the product into media.

  • Goal your audience:  Is it trade or consumer? For a single product, you are likely going to have a different message for retailers than you will for the end consumer.
  • Develop your Message:  Is it appropriate for your defined audience? Is it clear and concise? Does it encompass the unique selling points that your product has?
  • Create a set of Tactics:  What materials such as informational one-sheets, news releases or product photos will help you convey your product’s features? What deadlines must you meet to publicize your product in the proper time frame?