How Much Will You Make With A Masters In Communication?

Many students go beyond a bachelors in education to get a masters because of the greater earning potential that this advanced degree carries. So how much can you earn? This is affected by a variety of factors and by knowing these factors you can estimate where your earnings might fall once you have your degree.


This is probably the most important factor in determining how much you will make with your masters in communications degree. More experience means more money in pretty much every field that you enter and communications is no different. You can make a good deal of money with this type of degree right from the start and your salary is only likely to increase with time.

Job Title

Once you have amassed enough experience you can make a lot of money. For example, as a Director of Communication in a large company you may come to make $75,000 a year or more. As a Public Relations Manager you will probably earn something like $65,000 a year. A Marketing Director with sufficient experience can come to make upwards of $55,000 a year. As you can see there is some variation in how much you will make depending on your specific job title too.


Where the company that you work for is located will impact your salary too. The cost of living is higher in some locations so the salaries in those locations are higher too. As with any career it is not just how much money you will make but how far that money will go in the place where you live. Sometimes the cost of living and the adjusted salary match each other well and sometimes they do not. It is up to you to determine if these two variables work in your favor.

The Economy

The economy can influence your salary too. When jobs are scarce employers do not always have to pay as much as they would when jobs are abundant. Your salary may be affected by the current economic conditions. But don’t lose heart. A masters in communication opens a lot of doors and you can always look at which potential avenues are most profitable at any point in time.

A masters in communication will earn you a good living. Your experience, job title, location, and the economy will weigh in on your earnings but these earnings will be substantial regardless. The world needs communication always so this degree is always marketable.

Best Online Communication Masters Degrees

The field of communications is as wide and varied as the degrees offered within it. Individuals holding master's degrees in the field of communications may typically go into careers in public relations, media specialists, advertising, marketing, sales, and more.

University of Southern California

The Masters of Science in Communication at the University of Southern California specializes in the field of communications. Those interested in careers as technical writers, medical/pharmaceutical writers, journalists and Public Relations professionals will find the most up to date training in this flexible program.

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Colorado Technical University

Colorado Technical University's Master of Business Administration has a choice of four specializations: Entrepreneurship, Leadership & Influence, Leading the Customer-Driven Organization, and Project Management. Graduates are fully prepared to take on leadership roles in industry and non-profit organizations with a strong foundation in business administration.

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Liberty University Online

Full Sail University features innovative programs through the classrooms and production studios at their campus, as well as through their online learning environment. They currently offer 40 degree programs providing creative education focused on various areas of the media and entertainment field. You have the opportunity to earn a certificate, undergraduate, or graduate degree on-campus or entirely online. Full Sail University is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges.

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