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Communications is an interesting and versatile field. There are a number of careers available in communications, from broadcast to public relations to advertising to public speaking. You can get a Masters in Communication from a number of good schools, or you can take a degree in communication and use it to get a law degree, MBA or some other specialized degree. If you are interested in learning more about communications, here are 50 great blogs that can help you on your way:

Media and Journalism

Print JournalismWe see images and read words all around us. If you are interested in garnering some insight about the media and about different forms of journalism, these blogs are great choices.

  1. Romenesko: This media and journalism blog from the Poynter Institute includes commentary, news and more about media and journalism.
  2. Media Matters: What’s happening in broadcast media? How are pundits and journalists behaving? Media Matters analyzes what’s going on with the Fourth Estate.
  3. Internet Media Commentary: Learn about what’s happening with developing media and the Internet.
  4. Media Bistro: Get news, headlines, information and commentary on media happenings from around the world.
  5. The Innovations Journalism Blog: Delve into journalism concepts and innovations to journalism.
  6. Columbia Journalism Review: Commentary on journalism, and the way the news is covered from the premier journalism school in the country.
  7. The Editoroaliste: Citizen journalism, professional journalism, and how news is covered.
  8. Tony’s Journalism Blog: A great offering from, featuring commentary and information on media, journalism and communications.
  9. JOUR MO2 Writing and Reporting for the Media: This handy class blog will provide you with insight into the media, and how reporters do their thing.

PR and Advertising

AdvertisementPublic relations and advertising are two of the cornerstones of communications fields. Read these blogs for a little more insight.

  1. POP! PR Jots: Jeremy Pepper takes you on a wild ride through the world of public relations, and provides insight into the field.
  2. Strategic Public Relations: Great blog about how PR works, and insight into different way s media can be used for better public relations.
  3. Public Relations and Publicity Blog: Learn more about PR and publicity, and how to protect your brand image.
  4. Ad Age: THE place to go when you are looking for news, commentary and latest trends in advertising.
  5. I Believe in Advertising: Great examples of ads from around the world. The best ads out there, from a variety of media.
  6. Adrants: This blog offers “Marketing and advertising news with attitude.” Get an inside look at ads, marketing and campaigns.
  7. The Marketing Blog: A look at different types of marketing and advertising, and insight into the industry.

Organizational and Business Communications

Business CommunicationThe way that you communicate in an organization is important. Businesses have their own ways of communication, and these blogs can help you learn more about organizational communication.

  1. Business Communication Headline News: Find out what’s going on in the world of corporate and business communications.
  2. Wendy Mack: This consultant and expert offers insight into business and organizational communications.
  3. Communication Overtones: Learn about using communications to better communicate within your organization, and with others outside your organization.
  4. Better Communication Results: This Aussie knows how to communicate more effectively in business settings.
  5. Corporate Eye: This blog is meant for corporate communications professionals. Plenty of news and commentary, as well as insight.
  6. Kivi’s Nonprofit Communications Blog: A helpful and interesting blog about improving communication for nonprofit organizations.

Public Speaking and Speech Writing

PresentationThere are a number of people who make their livings by public speaking, and even writing speeches for others. Here are some insightful and interesting blogs about these subjects.

  1. Toastmasters International: This blog offers information on building public speaking skills, and insight into how to present yourself better.
  2. Six Minutes: Great blog on public speaking and developing presentation skills.
  3. Speech Writing and Professional Speaking: Get insight into how to write better speeches and speak better in public.
  4. Speak Schmeak: Public speaking coach Lisa Braithwaite offers helpful hints on communicating better in public.
  5. Speech Writing Pro: Learn essential speech writing and presentation skills for better communication.
  6. Presentation Zen: Make better presentations, and learn tips for more effective public communications.
  7. The Eloquent Woman: This blog is aimed at helping you develop better public communication skills.

Conflict Resolution

Conflict resolutionSometimes you need a little help in your communication attempts with others. These are great conflict resolution blogs.

  1. Program in Conflict Studies and Dispute Resolution: Learn more about conflict resolution and ways to solve disputes through communication.
  2. The Definitive Guide to Workplace Mediation and Managing Conflict at Work: Helpful and insightful blog focusing on conflict resolution and mediation.
  3. Creative Conflict Resolutions: Learn to communicate more effectively as you search for resolutions to disputes.
  4. Conflict Zen: Insight into handling conflict, and how to use communication to get beyond disputes.
  5. Association for Conflict Resolution’s Blog: Get a handle on mediation and conflict resolution, and learn how to communicate your concerns more effectively.

Technical Communication and Science Communication

WritingLearning to communicate specifically with an audience is important. Technical communication and science communication are interesting ways to get the message out about specific subjects.

  1. I’d Rather Be Writing: Learn about technical writing, and get good tips for improving your abilities.
  2. Technically Speaking: Paul Pehrson provides insight and tips for technical communications.
  3. A Technical Communication Community: Tips, news and insight into better technical writing.
  4. Framing Science: An interesting blog that addresses how science is presented and communicated to the public.
  5. Science Communication Review: A look at what is going on in the world of science communication, and tips for engaging with the public.
  6. Science Communication: Read stories and information on science communication from EcoCheck.

Communication Theory

CommunicationLearn more about different communication theories, general communication, and interesting insights into interpersonal and social communication.

  1. The Communication Blog: Learn about how we communicate, and delve into issues in communication.
  2. Communication Nation: This blog looks at the way that we engage each other and communicate as individuals and in societies.
  3. Better Interpersonal Communication: Learn theories about communication and interacting with others.
  4. Interpersonal Communication Blog: Information on connecting and communicating with others, especially in business settings.
  5. Social Communication: A look at what makes communication in societies tick, as well as theories of innovative communication.

Communication Disorders

DeafnessIn some cases, it is difficult for people to communicate with others. Here are some blogs about communication disorders.

  1. Aphasia Blog: Looks at aphasia, and other speech disorders and interesting occurrences.
  2. Deaf News Today: Learn more about deafness and what is happening in the world of hearing related issues.
  3. Dyslexia Blog: Learn how to help children with dyslexia, a disorder that makes it difficult for them to communicate through reading.
  4. Autism Blog: Autism is marked by difficulties with emotional communication. This blog has interesting insights.
  5. The Stuttering Brain: Stuttering can make communication difficult, and this blog offers insight and scientific evaluation.

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