When you want the latest news and information, you are no longer limited to what you can find on TV at the moment. You don’t even have to be at home in front of your computer, or in a Wi-Fi hotspot looking at your laptop. These days, it’s possible to find out what is happening right now. Whether you are interested in the latest business developments, or whether you want sports scores (or even to watch the game), it is possible on your smart phone.

Technology has made it possible to carry information with us wherever we go. You can stay connected and up to date, no matter where you are. Your Android smart phone is a great communications tool that allows you to reach out to others, as well as keep up with all of the latest developments. If you always want to know what’s happening, here are 40 top Android apps for newshounds:

General News Media Outlets

You can get what you need from news media outlets. From online news sources to major broadcast networks, these Android apps provide you with headlines, video and other valuable bits of information from general sources of news.

  1. NPR News App: Get this app for Android, and always know what is happening, as well as get access to great in-depth shows.
  2. BBC News Widget: International news source offers its feed. Control frequency of updates, and type.
  3. NBC News: Latest headlines and more from NBC.
  4. FOX News: Get headlines, updates and keep up with current events from around the world.
  5. Internet International News: Offers news from a variety of media outlets and news sources from around the world.
  6. The New York Times: Use this Android app to keep up with headlines. Get a subscription so you can read the latest news from anywhere.
  7. CNN News Widget: Helpful app allowing you to tap into the latest headlines.
  8. Huffington Post: Plenty of news, commentary and more with this Android app.
  9. Time Mobile: Enjoy news and information. It’s a great app that can help you learn more about what’s going on around you.

Politics & Business

Some Android apps are aimed specifically at providing news in the areas of politics and business. If you want to find out what is happening business and politics, you can use these applications to keep up to date.

  1. Talk Media News: You can get the latest political news. Straight from the U.N. and Washington, D.C.
  2. Political News: A great app from Politico, providing you with latest news and commentary.
  3. Political News RSS: Get plenty of political news and information, as well as opinion.
  4. Congress: Keep up with what’s happening in Congress. Be informed.
  5. Tradememe: Get the latest business news and analysis from top sources.
  6. Business News: You can get the latest business headlines from the top newspapers.
  7. Bloomberg Businessweek: Learn about business, and get the latest headlines and analysis.
  8. Forbes Free: Financial and business news and tips from a respected source.

Science & Technology

You expect science sources and technology companies to provide you with the latest news — and to do it with the help of Android apps. Learn more about the latest gadgets and breakthroughs. Get the latest news from the worlds of medicine, physics, space and more.

  1. Engadget: Learn more about technology and gadgets.
  2. CNET News: Enjoy great technology headlines from a trusted source.
  3. Mashable: Headlines from the world of technology, social media and more.
  4. Wired: Great gadget news, information and headlines.
  5. Medscape: This app from WebMD offers you the chance to access the latest medical headlines.
  6. PhysOrg.com: Latest science news, including headlines in technology, physics, biology, nanotech, space science, and more.
  7. EARTH Magazine: A great source of information and news from the American Geological Institute.
  8. PopSci.com: An Android app that allows you to access science news and read the latest headlines.
  9. Skeptical Science: Latest news, peer-reviewed information, and more. Hard facts and news about science, designed to help you keep up.


Do you love sports? If so, you can keep up with all the latest news about players, teams, strikes and negotiations. Find sports scores and get highlights. These apps can ensure that you always know what is happening in the world of sports.

  1. ESPN: Get all the latest news and information on sports. Watch video and other media.
  2. Sports News: Headlines, scores, and the latest happenings from around the world.
  3. Sky Sports Android Widget: Learn more about what’s happening in the world of sports. Scores and news from all over the world.
  4. CBS Sports Browser: Latest headlines, sports news, commentary and media.
  5. SportsTap: Stats, news, scores, images and more related to sports around the world. All the latest information.
  6. ScoreMobile: Keep up with the latest sports scores. All sports from all around the world.
  7. Live Scores: Access to the latest scores from the hottest sports and games. Also great news.

Arts & Entertainment News

Keep up with the latest arts news, as well as the latest headlines from the world of entertainment. Latest events and showings, as well as fresh celebrity gossip.

  1. Performance Art News: Find out more about performance arts. Find events, and learn more about artists.
  2. MoMA: The Museum of Modern Art in New York City offers an Android app that provides you with information about exhibitions and more.
  3. Portable Art: Get news and information on the underground art scene. Also includes pop culture and other arts. Great information and the latest headlines.
  4. Entertainment News: Latest entertainment news and information. Latest updates on movies, celebrities and more.
  5. TVGuide.com: All the latest TV news information. Keep up with your shows, characters and information related to what’s happening in the world of TV entertainment.
  6. Entertainment Tonight: A great Android application that can offer the latest news and gossip. Includes plenty of images and more to enhance your experience. Plenty of interactive features.
  7. E! Online: Get all the headlines related to entertainment. Latest celebrity news and gossip. All the news on movies and TV.

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