Careers And Jobs For Masters Of Communications Degree Holders

The list of possible careers and jobs for masters in communication degree holders is practically endless. Communications is a broad field that can help you gain entry into numerous positions in multiple industries. Take a look at just a few of the potential positions that you could hold with your masters in communications.

Advertising Director

An advertising director is in charge of advertising campaigns. This includes both the creative aspects of such ventures as well as the financial considerations. To perform this job effectively one must be able to convey messages and to do so persuasively.

This job is a combination of the creative aspects of advertising and the business aspects of such an endeavor. A person with a job like this may work exclusively for one company or may work for one central agency that services multiple clients. The field of advertising continues to grow but this is not surprising. Businesses are always trying to sell their goods and services to people.

Public Relations Manager

A public relations manager works to create and control the image put forth by a person, product, or service and they do so using the mediums of print, radio, TV, and the internet. For a person to be successful in this position, they much have an excellent grasp of communication skills and how to most effectively convince others of the importance of whatever information they are attempting to disseminate. Press releases, press conferences, and entire public relations campaigns must be customized to client needs and must produce the desired response.

Marketing Manager

A marketing manager handles all aspects of marketing a product or service. For this type of position one must understand the mentality of buyers and of specific demographics. A grasp of what motivates buying choices is essential as is an understanding of the impact of price and packaging on this same issue. These questions must be answered through education and through targeted research that allows a marketing manager to create the most effective marketing campaigns possible. Various forms of research may be used depending on the type of advertising campaign, the time available to complete research, and the budget for the project.

These careers for masters of communications degree holders give you some small idea of the potential of this type of degree. Communication skills are needed in many fields and this degree proves that you have them. For many job possibilities from only one degree consider a masters in communications.

Best Online Communication Masters Degrees

The field of communications is as wide and varied as the degrees offered within it. Individuals holding master's degrees in the field of communications may typically go into careers in public relations, media specialists, advertising, marketing, sales, and more.

University of Southern California

The Masters of Science in Communication at the University of Southern California specializes in the field of communications. Those interested in careers as technical writers, medical/pharmaceutical writers, journalists and Public Relations professionals will find the most up to date training in this flexible program.

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Colorado Technical University

Colorado Technical University's Master of Business Administration has a choice of four specializations: Entrepreneurship, Leadership & Influence, Leading the Customer-Driven Organization, and Project Management. Graduates are fully prepared to take on leadership roles in industry and non-profit organizations with a strong foundation in business administration.

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Liberty University Online

Full Sail University features innovative programs through the classrooms and production studios at their campus, as well as through their online learning environment. They currently offer 40 degree programs providing creative education focused on various areas of the media and entertainment field. You have the opportunity to earn a certificate, undergraduate, or graduate degree on-campus or entirely online. Full Sail University is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges.

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