With change in time the prospects of jobs in all sectors and areas of career has been changed rapidly. Mass communication is one such field that is catching attention of a good number of young ones now-a-days. They can make career in number of fields in media like newspapers, magazines, radio, television, advertisements, public relations etc.

  • On a broader platform communication covers a wide range of areas and closely related fields like advertising, communication and public relations. All forms of sectors weather they are from business, government or political requires services of communication professionals. And that is a very encouraging for people who are already in the field of communication or wish to make career in communication.
  • As for range of communication, it covers wide range and fields under its sphere. A person with communication background can work into print journalism, electronic journalism, in film production as producers, actors, musician and dancers. Advertising and public relations are other fields which has great scope for communication students.
  • The sphere of mass communication being widely spread requires a combination of skills and traits. Different areas asks for different qualities, but for anyone to take on any of the fields of mass communication definitely requires better than average performance in whatever one does. It is not easy to get in and progressing is even difficult. In general, excellent communication skills, being a good team player are important, besides being confident and hardworking. Physical stamina and will power count in favor for jobs in mass communication. Other attributes vary from one another depending upon the area one pursues.
  • According to survey conducted for a basic salary of a communicator it in North America rolls round between $80,000 to $90, 000, however, this salary vary from industries to industries. Average salary as for non profit sector ranges to $60,000-$70,000 in the non-profit sector whereas in telecommunication and technology it is around $90,000-$100,000. Whereas salary for a typical instructor of communication in the United States is $42, 289.
  • A degree in communication provides an excellent career opportunity to a student with a liberal art foundation for employment or additional graduate education in business, education, social sciences and health sciences. A communication graduate gets job opportunities in the related fields like education, management, sales, media, social services, health care, public relations, customer service and finance.
  • According to the findings of The National Communication Association (NCA) a student in communication should have abilities to listen, speak, creative thinking, decision making, problem solving, reasoning, self esteem, sociability, self management and integrity/honesty.
  • For looking out for job in communication field a student should indulge in activities like researching companies, promoting skills and experience and identify the job markets. He should attend workshops and conferences related to job search strategies, resume writing, cover letter writing, interview techniques, developing internship and getting admission into a graduate school. More he can look at for job opportunities with state employment opportunity office, check with local newspaper classified ads, and call employment-temporary placement agencies.