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The field of communications is as wide and varied as the degrees offered within it. Individuals holding master's degrees in the field of communications may typically go into careers in public relations, media specialists, advertising, marketing, sales, and more.

University of Southern California

The Masters of Science in Communication at the University of Southern California specializes in the field of communications. Those interested in careers as technical writers, medical/pharmaceutical writers, journalists and Public Relations professionals will find the most up to date training in this flexible program.

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Colorado Technical University

Colorado Technical University's Master of Business Administration has a choice of four specializations: Entrepreneurship, Leadership & Influence, Leading the Customer-Driven Organization, and Project Management. Graduates are fully prepared to take on leadership roles in industry and non-profit organizations with a strong foundation in business administration.

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Liberty University Online

Full Sail University features innovative programs through the classrooms and production studios at their campus, as well as through their online learning environment. They currently offer 40 degree programs providing creative education focused on various areas of the media and entertainment field. You have the opportunity to earn a certificate, undergraduate, or graduate degree on-campus or entirely online. Full Sail University is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges.

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Jobs Possibilities for a Masters in Communication

There are many avenues one can take with a masters in
communication. Typically you will work in a lower level position after
completing your masters in communication degree if you have not interned at a
company or have much work experience. Most fields that utilize a masters in
communication are all about relationships, which is great since your degree
prepares you for cultivating and nurturing business relationships with ease.
Because you are dealing with many people, many of these jobs are considered
high stress positions. In some areas, such as PR, almost all candidates will
start at the bottom regardless of degrees or certifications and work their way
up the corporate ladder. You can work in specialized areas such as shopping or
sports, and this is based on experience via internships or starter jobs.

Director of human resources or human resources manager

A director of human resources works in HR for a company. It
is primarily large corporations that have a HR department. Many small or
mid-size companies do not need people on staff to take care of HR issues. The
director of HR may come up with
new protocols and policies to help a company run more smoothly or to take care
of employees in a more effective manner
. This requires a person who
is meticulous, decisive and knows how to treat a business as a place where
people want to work towards a common goal.

You may also work recruiting employees, handling layoffs,
conducting employee reviews and performance evaluations or overseeing
continuing training or education courses that help employees reach their full
potential. Working in upper level management in HR requires someone who is
willing to give that personal touch to things that makes people feel welcomed
and valued. The most effective work place is one where employees feel they're
an asset to the company and their voice counts. An effective director of HR or
HR manager is able to cultivate this environment in almost any work setting.

Strategic planning

This might be a permanent position for a company or you can
be brought on as a contract employee. In any case
the project is usually long term
and involves strategic planning that
will help a company prosper. This may mean reorganizing departments, moving
employees to areas where they will be more effective or implementing new
training techniques that allow for the work load to flow better. Strategic
planners must also be organized and not afraid of confrontation and refrain
from making things personal on either end of a conversation or situation
regarding business. A strategic planner may go in to assess a company after
mass layoffs and must keep a distant from remaining employees while conveying
the new plan for that respective company. You should have outstanding
analytical and problem solving skills.

Obtaining your masters of communication will involve courses
in business management, marketing and leadership, which will properly train you
to become a strategic planner. The government employs strategic planners at the
local, state and federal levels. Typically you will work in one industry as a
strategic planner for the majority of your career, although it is possible to
move from retail to the service industry, as you're implementing the same
techniques. At the moment, strategic planning consultants are on the rise.
Companies are looking to cut costs and it is budget-friendly to bring in a
consultant for a set period of time to work on a company versus having a person
on staff who will demand a salary wage.

Public relations

You might work in public relations with a masters in
communication. These
PR opportunities range
from owning and operating your own firm to
working for a PR firm with high profile products or clients on their roster.
Public relations involves getting a person, brand or product's name out there
and ensuring it is seen in a positive light. Those working in public relations
seldom keep a 9-5 schedule and typically work weekends and some holidays. The
environment of working in PR is up and down every day, so it is an industry fit
for those who have the ability to flow easily from task to task despite the

Public relations reps also have a place working for
non-profit agencies, universities and individuals. Many politicians have their
own PR person who writes speeches, organizes media events and schedules and
helps him or her create likeable answers that are concise.
Public relations specialists should have keen writing skills
as you
will often have to whip up a press release in an hour or oversee newsletters or
a blog that maintains the person or brand's image to the public. In some ways,
working in PR is similar to working in marketing as you're trying to put your
client (be it person, place or product) front and center for the world to see.


A masters in communication is an idea MBA for those in
marketing. It gives you the additional skills you need to deal with people and
bring a product to fruition effectively. A background in communications when
you work in marketing in an invaluable tool that will help you be a team leader
when working on projects.

Marketing is a high stress environment, but can pay well
into the six figures if you work for a large marketing or advertising firm.
Marketing is
needed in almost every industry
, from pharmaceutical sales to automobiles
to travel and universities. It is a field where you have to create your own
opportunities by networking and paying your dues, so be prepared to make things
happen for yourself even with a masters in communication because it is a highly
competitive field.

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